Hypnotic online dating

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Hypnotic online dating

Read on to discover what Conversational Seduction™ can do for you and your dating life.

You can actually make people do things while having a normal conversation with them while they are completely awake!In hypnosis, we call this "direct suggestion." Learn to have the confidence to simply go up to someone and ask for their phone number or tell them that they WILL go on a date with you! Jones as your mentor, you will have the strength and power to do this! Tying it all together to launch you into the dating scene with ultimate power, motivation, and determination. “As a lady, you would think that I could get a date anytime. As a single mom, I guess guys just weren’t as interested. Don, my fiancée, said he just “couldn’t resist” a lady with my confidence. By the way, my wedding is planned for August.”"I want you to win.This chapter summarizes everything and gives you a few BONUS TIPS! With the powerful tools in this audio book, ANYONE can win the dating game easily!Whether you want to become an unstoppable romantic force, or just increase your confidence in dating, this audio book is for you!These Gold and Platinum Recordings were mastered in Steve's brand new, custom built, state-of-the-art recording studio.

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They will obey your commands without even knowing it! Use NLP to cause others to believe you are VERY SEXY!