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Lying is defined as “believing or thinking one thing and consciously expressing another” (Shibles).

One lies by expressing something other than what he or she thinks or believes....

Iago is very jealous of Cassio and has hatred toward Iago that he starts coming up with plans to ruin Othello and Michael Cassio....- Honesty can be defined as free of deceit and untruthfulness; sincere.In Shakespeare’s play, “Othello”, honesty has a very ironic pat.Warren Nutter, a distinguished economist who taught at the University of Virginia.Professor Nutter had considerable expertise in comparative economic systems, particularly that of the former Soviet Union.

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But why has history as science such a big importance. The old Romans used to say: historia vitae magistra est. There are theories that people feel under pressure when someone else is watching to do the good thing, but when no one is looking they don’t feel as pressured to do what is usually expected.

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