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Now, his band indulges in “a lot of jazzy material.” “It’s very transparent,” he said of their performances. We’re playing music that comes out of us naturally.” Not to worry, though: Alpert promises a Tijuana Brass medley, and Hall will perform a Brazil 66 medley. “I try to open it up so everyone feels a part of what we’re doing,” Alpert said.

But there’s a risk in that, he said, recalling the show at Disney Hall in Los Angeles when someone way back in the balcony asked, ‘What happened to your ex-wife?

However, the very success of the album caused a backlash against it.

He's also provided new solos on a number of the tracks to give them an added kick.

The results vary, but this project succeeds overall.

Herb Alpert’s is a cocktail party of a canon, what with the trumpet and horns of “Tijuana Taxi,” the peppy joy of “Taste of Honey.” You listen to his songs with a smile on your face.

And then there is “This Guy’s in Love With You,” the 1968 hit that marked Alpert’s first time letting go of his signature trumpet and carrying an entire tune on his own. “The director asked me to sing a song because he was tired of photographing me with a trumpet in my mouth,” Alpert recalled the other day.

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“It’s just in my DNA,” Alpert said of his philanthropy. “There are a certain amount of people who get joy out of what I have to play,” he said, “And I think we’re missing that joy.

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