Halifax dating seniors

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Halifax dating seniors

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It said friends at the home where Adria died discovered her “laying prone” in bed with keys in one hand and sunglasses on her head.“It’s a clear case of a laced drug,” Kayla said.Public Health Agency of Canada data for the first nine months of 2017 counted 2,923 opioid-related deaths in Canada as of the end of March; 92 per cent were considered accidental, and 72 per cent involved fentanyl or fentanyl analogues.Kayla said Adria was hanging out with people who may have been using fentanyl and other hard drugs, and she feels her sister got swept into that.Before she got the report, all that was officially known about Adria’s death came from a single line in a Saskatoon police media release, issued on May 9, about five overdose calls between May 5 and 7.“Three of the overdoses were a result of alleged fentanyl use, including one death,” the release stated.The coroner’s report and her sister’s phone messages confirmed what instinct had told her about Adria’s death, Kayla said.

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“I just want to put the loss of her and the circumstances around it to rest, to have some sort of ease moving forward, just to know that it wasn’t just something that happened. I just want anyone with information to help us to put some of that to rest so she can have some justice,” Kayla said. Recently, toxicology results from tests of a drug police seized in December found fentanyl mixed with DMT, a hallucinogen.