Gift ideas for newly dating couple

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Gift ideas for newly dating couple

Paper represents both the durability and frailty of your early marriage, and also starting a new blank slate together.

For the modern gift, couples traditionally give each other clocks.

We rounded up 28 gift ideas for him, her, and them that perfectly honor the 1st wedding anniversary.

Each wedding anniversary has customary traditional and modern gifts.

Even though the original version was published in 1913, the advice in this mini book still rings true.

There's also a wives version if he wants to return the favor. This "Augmented Paper" set features a notebook and "Star Walker" pen that instantly converts anything he writes on the paper to digital form, which he can access on his tablet or phone through Bluetooth or USB.

This Moschino number features an assortment of wrist watches, clocks, and stopwatches over white wool.

Upgrade her standard makeup bag with a striped clock version.

If you surprise her with a local weekend getaway (no passport required), you can still stuff this gift with a printed travel itinerary or plane tickets.You're probably well-stocked in the kitchenware department after your wedding, but treat her to a spoon set that's just for her.The set of four features stainless steel and decorative decals.The gold metal clasps can attach to any one of her many handbags, so she has endless mixing and matching opportunities.You've got her love locked down, so emphasize that with the traditional 1st anniversary clock gift.

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For the 1st anniversary, gold represents the usual color, orange blossoms or pansies are the customary flowers, and pearls or peridot reflect the 1-year gemstones.