Gibson guitar serial number dating

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Gibson guitar serial number dating

With this blog post I just want to make you aware of a possible sound loss due to a wrong setup.

This affects all Strat or Tele bridges with the ‘block’ saddles instead of the bent steel pieces of the vintage Fender design, like the American Standard bridge, or vintage Schecter bridges and consequently also the Dream Machine Tremolo and Tele bridges.

At the same time, the body was taken to renowned Nashville luthier, Joe Glaser, and the body only was refinished in the original Blonde color.

As you can see from the pics, the neck maintains a wonderful patina from considerable wear.

Electric guitar truss rods come in two main styles...

Intonation is the tune or pitch of your collective, guitar strings as you move up the fretboard or scale length.

I found that you need to make sure that both of the Allen screws used for the height adjustment have firm contact to the bridge base plate. Otherwise it is possible that one of them has no direct contact to the bridge plate at all; the bridge saddle will stand on one screw only then.

With the vintage Fender design the saddle would simply tilt a bit to the side of the shorter screw which is probably not ideal either but will hardly affect the tone.

This Tele is identical in body and neck dates to a stellar 1956 Tele I had years ago: 1954 Body with 1955 Neck:

So we now know there are 2 surviving factory Left Handed Teles from this period!

The pots on the 1956 were 304 620(20th week of 1956).

The pots on this Tele are obscured by the solder, but appear to be from the same period.

This Tele comes from the Nashville area, where it was purchased by the current owner from a professional Musician in the Grand Old Opry around the mid-1990s.

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The saddle should sit firmly as only then all vibration is equally transmitted, even small movement of the block can reduce sound and tone quality.