Game of thrones who is dating who article updating the arguments against same sex marriage

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He and his wife Erica keep their private life private, and the name of their first child who was born in 2011 still isn't known, although she was rumoured to be called 'Zelig'. "Let me tell you right now: Her name is not Zelig," Dinklage said, addressing the rumor.

"But it's hilarious that that's a fact in Wikipedia." 4.

Tywin would have gladly sacrificed his son Tyrion if he could have gotten away with it.

So yeah, the dating scene in Go T is kind of brutal and not all that amenable for anyone.

The actress who plays her hasn't had much better luck off screen. Or is she just waiting for that nephew she never knew she had to sweep her off her feet?

Clarke is single, though you'd be surprised at the men she's dated already in hopes of finding that dragon man to match her.

None of them have been Kit Harington, though I'm sure a few fans have hoped their on-screen chemistry extends to off screen. (Harington is engaged to be married to Rose Leslie, who formerly played Ygritte on . Clarke's other boyfriends have been either too on the down-low to register with fans, or too brief for anyone to notice.

They even bought a castle together and everything.)She hasn't dated Jason Momo either, who played her character's husband, Khal Drogo, in Season 1, though one can be forgiven for thinking they have, considering the lovey Instagrams both have posted about each other. Take James Franco for instance, a man who is notorious for not opening up about his love life.

It was just too much to love a wildling and to be a member of the Night’s Watch, especially since the two are about as compatible as motor oil and fresh water. They couldn’t have been more opposite when you really look at them, but through a lot of patience and a good idea of what to do to finally get her way with him, Dany managed to become a wife to Drogo rather than his continual pleasure toy.have a level of fame that puts them in that tier of celebrity where most people—at least all fans of the show—know who they are, but generally don’t know the ins and outs of their personal lives.Considering it’s already a big deal when the stars are out of their Westerosi garb, seeing them with their real-life partners, instead of their love interest Rose Leslie.As far as the paps could tell, they were dating briefly, but broke up before it became official enough that anyone realized. He was her date to an Oscars party, but it barely made it further than that.The only other actor Clarke has been tied to in a confirmed manner was Jai Courtney, who starred with her in After not getting anywhere in the celebrity and actors category, Clarke says she now has new rules going forward.

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Because, apart from Emilia Clarke, the majority of actors on the show have partners in real-life!

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