Friend dating your ex

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Friend dating your ex

I am quite introverted (I did not make new friends since high school).

If I want to keep my very few friends (which I do), I am bound to come across the couple eventually.

Dodging the issue and sweeping it under the rug won't do anything to reduce tension, it will only allow it to fester. Take this to your conversation, too, and discuss ground rules and expectations for your relationship with Mike going forward.

Maybe Mike feels just as awkward about it as you do and is planning to remove himself from the friend group so you don't have to see him - you won't know until you talk to him. If the talk goes well, fantastic, you figured out how to act around each other in the future.

Pretending they aren't dating is not a viable solution, so you might as well deal with it. If Mike responds poorly, that sucks, but now you know.

Talk to your other friends in the group - they are surely aware of the situation - about how to approach it.

My advice to you is to look deep inside, realize that you're worth more than this, and move on with your life. Start painting, hiking, wall climbing, whatever captures your imagination. Even if your friend had come to you first and told you about their intentions, it still hurts.

Here are some hard facts: You seem to be in a fragile state of mind, but those things cannot be ignored. Find a reason to gain value in your own self before seeking the approval of strangers. But stop fixating on these leeches you seem to think are your friends. It's easy to say that if they had done things this way, or that way, it would hurt less, but in my experience it doesn't.

I want to keep my friends (including Mike) and basically not address the fact of them dating. It's good to recognize they can do what they want, but your feelings are also valid. This will help keep you on track if things get difficult.

Jane and I belonged to the same group of friends since childhood.

In this group, we all used to hang out, go camping, all kinds of stuff.

We dated for 7 years, last 2 years living together.

During the time we were living together, we would often hang out with Mike, another friend from the childhood friend group.

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