Fran kranz dichen lachman dating

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Fran kranz dichen lachman dating

She had once upon a time been a fledgling artist, who caught the eye of a Rossum Corporation doctor.After she repeatedly rebuffs his advances, his possessive jealousy leads him to have her doped up and committed to a psychiatric hospital (where he’s head doctor) for schizophrenia, after which hands over to the Dollhouse to be imprinted with a personality more amenable to his advances.The biggest surprise of Dollhouse is not that it made it to a second season, but that it made it on the air at all.This is a show that had a robust internet write-in campaign to save it from cancellation up and running a full six months before it even debuted.The awakening of Echo from her doll slumber, and the attempts to raze the Dollhouse and Rossum to the ground, are front and center from here on out, and the stand alone episodes vanish completely.

It’s all very Lifetime Movie and very cheesy, but works on a pure entertainment level.

Two or three episodes hinted at something more going on beneath the surface, of both the character of Echo and the show as a whole, but by the end of the first season, it seemed a foregone conclusion that we’d never see that “more”.

Heck, Whedon even shot a series finale, never aired but included on the first season DVD, in anticipation of the show getting the axe. First, Dollhouse was granted a reprieve by FOX, who ordered another 13 episodes for season two.

Meanwhile, it’s obvious that the Dollhouse is up to some sort of endgame which isn’t in the best interest of the rest of humanity…. The first season is content not only to ignore that question, but to generally ignore the other profound questions its central idea raises, notions about the essence of memory and identity, volition and enslavement, and even God.

Most of the 13 episode run of season one is composed of stand-alone episodes where Dushku basically gets to play dress up and try to act her way through various different personalities, all of whom end up devolving into pretty much the same character that Dushku always plays (tough talking, shoulder swaying townie gal).

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Echo overhears him talking on the phone how he wants her and the baby "taken care of".

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