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All of the foregoing is subject to the vagaries of memory, but it might prompt recollections from others.

All of Simpsons OBs were bought new-JWT 848 was the last and remained in use until 1968.

As far as I am aware, Murgatroyd’s are still in business, although the livery changed to dark blue at some point. ) Checking on buslistsontheweb, Simpson purchased a number of new coaches from 1949 to 1962, including the aforementioned RYG 609.

Dredging up memories from the mid 1960s when I was at school in Harrogate, I recall an operator called Simpson of Ripon who had what I remember as a blue & cream Bedford SB RYG 609. They purchased an OB, JWT 848, in 1950 but may, of course, have had other, used, purchases.

Thruscross is a hamlet in the Washburn Valley, lying west of Harrogate and north of Otley and Blubberhouses, so this could tie in with the Harrogate-Ripon school contract you mention.

In the 1960s I remember Wray’s of Summerbridge, W Pyne & Sons of Starbeck and Dodsworth’s of Minskip (near Boroughbridge) operating their coaches on school work, alongside various buses and DPs of West Yorkshire Road Car, and the vehicles were all smartly turned out members of their respective fleets.

I would love to see a photo of these buses in Southdown livery if they did, indeed, run for that concern.

I do not know much about Murgatroyd’s, but they did run several Bedford OBs coaches in the 1950s and the livery was white and blue.Extract from Slack’s website which I think answers the question : "Founded over fifty years ago in Tansley near Matlock by Mr Ken Slack, the Company now occupies a substantial site on the Northern outskirts of Matlock…" 10/11/17 Harrogate to Ripon OB I’m trying to identify the bus company who ran a school bus service from Harrogate to Ripon grammar school in the early 1950’s.The bus was a Bedford OB livery as best I can recall was cream and blue.Where the East Notts title does arise however is on Lincolnshire RCC vehicles based at Newark in the 1970/80’s.This arose when NBCcompanies were increasingly reliant on local authority subsidies.

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23/12/17 EYMS Tiger TS7s In the late 40s and early 50s, we were regular travellers on the Leeds to East Coast services run jointly by West Yorkshire Road Car Co and East Yorkshire Motor Services.

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