Error updating db file on disk kmplayer halal dating site

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Error updating db file on disk kmplayer

The resolution of this error would be to open these ports.

You may also find it useful to review the Error 'Port 80 (or 443) is not responding' when running activation tool for web-activated licenses article.

Overflow error means that a calculation occurred that generated a number larger than can be handled by the CPU, such as division by near zero or some other math function.

here are the error codes for sqlite, straight from their site: The error codes for SQLite version 3 are unchanged from version 2.

Error Message: The structure has no (unrestrained) mass; no Eigen modes can be found.They are as follows: #define SQLITE_OK 0 /* Successful result */ #define SQLITE_ERROR 1 /* SQL error or missing database */ #define SQLITE_INTERNAL 2 /* An internal logic error in SQLite */ #define SQLITE_PERM 3 /* Access permission denied */ #define SQLITE_ABORT 4 /* Callback routine requested an abort */ #define SQLITE_BUSY 5 /* The database file is locked */ #define SQLITE_LOCKED 6 /* A table in the database is locked */ #define SQLITE_NOMEM 7 /* A malloc() failed */ #define SQLITE_READONLY 8 /* Attempt to write a readonly database */ #define SQLITE_INTERRUPT 9 /* Operation terminated by sqlite_interrupt() */ #define SQLITE_IOERR 10 /* Some kind of disk I/O error occurred */ #define SQLITE_CORRUPT 11 /* The database disk image is malformed */ #define SQLITE_NOTFOUND 12 /* (Internal Only) Table or record not found */ #define SQLITE_FULL 13 /* Insertion failed because database is full */ #define SQLITE_CANTOPEN 14 /* Unable to open the database file */ #define SQLITE_PROTOCOL 15 /* Database lock protocol error */ #define SQLITE_EMPTY 16 /* (Internal Only) Database table is empty */ #define SQLITE_SCHEMA 17 /* The database schema changed */ #define SQLITE_TOOBIG 18 /* Too much data for one row of a table */ #define SQLITE_CONSTRAINT 19 /* Abort due to contraint violation */ #define SQLITE_MISMATCH 20 /* Data type mismatch */ #define SQLITE_MISUSE 21 /* Library used incorrectly */ #define SQLITE_NOLFS 22 /* Uses OS features not supported on host */ #define SQLITE_AUTH 23 /* Authorization denied */ #define SQLITE_ROW 100 /* sqlite_step() has another row ready */ #define SQLITE_DONE 101 /* sqlite_step() has finished executing */ I don't know why mazen at mindcraftinc dot com is getting that amount of negative votes: in my case, I've constated that with odbc_driver and an Access database, this method is returning ONE extra field appart from what is stated in this manual.More precisely, if using the PDO odbc_pdo driver with an Access database, in a fourth array element I'm getting the ODBC Status Return Code.Over the years, I have assisted so many different clients whose transactional log file has become "too large" that I thought it would be helpful to write about it.The issue can be a system crippling problem, but can be easily avoided.

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Today I'll look at what causes your transaction logs to grow too large, and what you can do to curb the problem.

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