Eddie soriano dating daan

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Eddie soriano dating daan

Who in their right mind would believe that (INC founder) Felix Manalo is an angel while Jesus Christ is not a God, he is just a man?We cannot even see Christian values from INC members who kill their enemies for the sake of their God.Eduardo Manalo just "inherited" the INC leadership when his father died.It's like a Religious dynasty which the power and money are just being handed over from one offspring to another.Happy Iglesia Ni Cristo 96th Anniversary to all INC members and we are wishing them to find the truth one day and leave the INC cult once and for all.Iglesia Ni Cristo is not well-loved by the Filipino people.

Republic of the Philippines SUPREME COURTManila EN BANC G. Plain and simple insults directed at another person cannot be elevated to the status of religious speech.

Contrary to petitioners impression, the Court has, in fact, considered the factual antecedents of and his motive in making his utterances, and has found those circumstances wanting as defense for violating the programs "G" rating.

Verily, Petitioner submits that the choice of words he used has been harsh but strongly maintains that the same was consistent with his constitutional right of freedom of speech and religion.

The fact that he came out with his statements in a televised bible exposition program does not automatically accord them the character of a religious discourse.

Consider the following excerpts from the Courts Decision: There is nothing in petitioners statements subject of the complaints expressing any particular religious belief, nothing furthering his avowed evangelical mission.

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Iglesia Ni Cristo cult can't even guarantee to us that all of the INC members are doing or following Christian doctrines.