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While he was away, Doris was also signed up to another group, Band Of Renown, whose leader Les Brown recognised her incredible singing talent.The star is now living as a recluse in California Soon she was touring across the country, and the pressure began to take its toll - she started drinking and smoking two packs of cigarettes a day.Why Doris changed her mind about dating trombonist Al Jorden is unclear - but she did. It was she who broke the ice, asking him if he would not mind collecting her each evening and then dropping her home after the show.She subsequently described him as one of the glummest personalities she had ever met, but she stuck with him all the same.Terry was adopted by Doris' third husband, Martin Melcher, whose last name Terry took. and ends 1n 1986 with her TV show Her best friends. She recorded near 1000 songs by Columbia records and some other productions.Doris's terrified mother begged her not to have anything to do with this lunatic again, but the incident only drew them closer.

The resulting waves overturned the craft and the occupants very nearly drowned; they were rescued by a passing boat manned by a local reporter and their near-tragedy made the front page of the Cincinnati Star.

Only the image was wholesome: Doris Day, queen of the coy sex comedy Rapp liked Doris - he liked most attractive, underage girls, as it happens, despite being married with a pregnant wife - and happily agreed to have her in his band.

For a start, there was the age difference - he was 23, for goodness' sake! She'd been signed up after turning up with 100 other young hopefuls, clutching some sheet music, desperate to impress local entrepreneur and band leader Barney Rapp.

The engagement held fast even when Jorden left the band to join another one and embarked on a nationwide tour.

He swore to remain faithful, and Doris promised to wait for him.

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After the tour, Doris informed Les Brown that she was leaving the band to get married.

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