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See FDCPA § 809 (c): Legally what constitutes proper debt validation is an unsettled issue and depends on the specific nature of the dispute.

Debt collectors never send these notices certified mail or even registered mail so you have no way of knowing when the 30-day period begins.

However, the FDCPA requires verification of the validity of an alleged debt, not “verification” of your name and amount of an alleged debt.

Proper validation should be in the form of documentation from the original creditor, not the debt collector.

Essentially, the collection agency must show that you owe the “original creditor” the debt and not the debt collector.

Typically verification of the debt occurs in the debt collector’s initial contact with you.

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The collection agency must stop its collection efforts and cannot resume them before double-checking the debt information with the original creditor and mailing you the verification, including the original creditor’s name and address.