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It is similar to a zone file, but it is local to your computer system.You can edit your hosts file to force your computer to use a specific IP address for a domain name.Authoritative Name Server: Any of the name servers that a domain name has been pointed at by the domain registrar.

In your Hover account, for example, the name servers that you have entered for your domain name under the Account tab are the authoritative name servers.DNS caching: DNS caching is the length of a time that a DNS server will retain existing DNS records before checking for updates.The length of time that records are cached is usually determined by the TTL (see definition below) set by the authoritative name server, but some Internet Service Providers may have their DNS servers set to cache records for a longer period of time.The Internet Provider's DNS server will update its local cache so it knows the IP address the next time it receives a query.The website IP address is returned to your computer and this enables you to load the website in your browser.

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