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David lee gallagher dating

He appears to know only one Ozzy Osbourne song Randy Rhoads played on, and it’s “Crazy Train.” He scarcely listened to Pantera, even though he spoke at the funeral of the group’s guitarist and placed the axe from inside the man’s casket.He doesn’t listen to the radio in his car, much to the annoyance of his wife (“I prefer the sound of the motor,” he says). This is not a fake-out or a misdirection, nor is it a seemingly straightforward statement that actually means its opposite. “I don’t listen to anything,” he tells me from a greenish couch inside 5150, the expansive home recording studio built on his seven-acre residence in Studio City, Calif.I’d just asked if he ever revisits old Van Halen albums, but his disinterest in those records is merely the tip of a very weird iceberg: Unlike every other musician I’ve ever met, he does not listen to any music he isn’t actively making.

” Sometimes he listens to Yo-Yo Ma, because he loves the sound of the cello. Eddie Van Halen: The Billboard Cover Shoot“It’s an odd thing, but I’ve been this way my whole life,” he continues.But was he referring to the supposed wedding, some fans wondered. David Gallagher “secretly married” rumors have caused quite a stir among fans. That remains a mystery for now, as the actor’s rep hasn’t commented, nor the couple released an official statement yet. He was drafted 30th overall by the New York Knicks in the 2005 NBA draft. Lee and girlfriend Sabina posted photos of them together regularly on Instagram, the last photo that indicated they were still an item dated August 2014.

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The guitarist maintains that the last album he purchased was Peter Gabriel’s , when it came out in 1986.

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