Dating van briggle

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Dating van briggle

Dating Van Briggle pottery is often revealed in the differences in the color of the clay, numbers, and even residue on the bottom.

The artist initials, of course, will tell a collector much about the date.

Van Briggle Pottery is known for many things, including the lovely color experimentations found in many of the patterns.

In fact, in over 15 years of active Van Briggle pottery buying and selling I have seen one 1901 vase available for sale.

In a typical year, a collector might see for sale 5 to 10 examples of 1902 Van Briggle vases and 20 to 40 examples each of 19 examples. Van Briggle Pottery – Mid 1904-1912 Van Briggle pottery produced between 19 is also highly collectible because not only was the pottery very high quality but during this time period Anne Van Briggle owned the pottery.

This is especially true for the pieces made between, say, 19.

Along with those markers, collectors will also look for a shape number, three digits usually, and with a white wash at times.

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Some of the pieces dated within those two decades might have a buff or unglazed clay.

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