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Dating tatting shuttles

Picots are important to connecting one round or motif of tatting to the next round or = chain: You will need two loaded shuttles or one shuttle and a ball of thread.I have taught many people how to tat and I have several others who want to learn, but getting together has been the challenge.Tatting has been around for a little over 200 years.The ends of the shuttle should be tight enough that the thread will not unwind if the shuttle is dropped.Winding the Bobbin In the center of the shuttle, between the blades, is a bobbin.This pick is used to draw the thread thorough a picot when joinings are made.If you use a shuttle without a pick, it will be necessary to use a pin or crochet hook each time to pull the thread through in joining, which will slow up your work.

RW=reverse work: While working a round, you will be creating ring(s) and then RW, or in other words flip the project from the bottom to the top and create a chain, then RW again and repeat the rings, the RW, etc. RW is why when you look a doily and you think you see 14 rows, when in reality it is 7 or less rounds.

I have been tatting for over 20 years, I love it, yet I have been very reluctant to put down in writing how to do it.

Yet when I look at other peoples tutorials, they seem to miss important parts that hung me up until I found someone to teach me.

Now straighten the left middle finger and use your right index finger and thumb to slide the first half of the ds down the thread under the pinched fingers.

You will notice that the ring thread gets tighter as you create stitches.

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A lot of the best vintage patterns are found in women’s magazines dating from 1930’s and 40’s.

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