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getting him used to the idea of being played with anally.

(this is only if they've never explored this fun before!

Register with Meet Mindful for free today—the fastest growing dating site for conscious singles. She is the founder of Mile High Mating, a website dedicated to helping people go on more dates, have more sex, and find more love in the Mile High City and beyond.and what the hell, have her toss in a lozenge for good measure... perhaps the ones that are saying it's impossible just don't quite have a knack for these things... If an orgasm is like a sneeeze an orgasm via prostate massage is like a runny nose. It feels good ALL the time but it (again, for MOST) it has low power long term effect rather than the 2 to 3 seconds of intense orgasm that we usually feel. Most orgasms last about as long as we can stay in the air in a jump. t=70892It actually doesn't take a lot of coordination to get them both fired up. I so want to crack a "broke back mountain" joke right now!Prostate massage generally does NOT produce anything even remotely the same as a G-Gasm in a woman let alone giving her a combo supernova-gasm of GSPOT AND CLITORAL at the same time. If we could orgasm / jump for 15 seconds we could clear a 7 story building and sadly we would ALL be dead long ago ... Once that is achieved one will trigger the other or verse vica, at just the right moment. The intensity you seek literally cums from with in. Men need to seek their inner sexuality and become one with it! I have a heightened sense of feeling along my entire shaft, not just the head.Personally, I've never gotten much from it.intensity of orgasm is just something that differs from one organic body to the next.You probably can't make the next girl orgasm so hard, and the last one probably didn't either.

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Males and females are different with their ograsms.

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