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Dating someone older than your mother

Yes, ladies, he has lived an entire life before meeting you – by entire life we mean all the things in the world.

Your Partner has years of affairs, bad relationships, friendships, work experience, heartbreak, falling in love (even marriage) and more than you couldn’t possibly have.

Guys/Girls Would You Ever Date Someone Older/Younger?

You should definitely discuss your doubts with her.

Simply looking at the instances of George Clooney, Brad Pitt and such handsome hunk they look better now than their twenties and these men are like the older they become the better they look just like a fine old vine. Your Partner may act a bit Stubborn He may act a bit Stubborn as with him what you see is what you get.

And not dating someone like that is so not happening. Dating someone older is great because an Elder Partner is a Complete Person An older man will have had all the Experiences in the World and is more knowledgeable to be your mentor at times. He is well-balanced both emotionally and practically as all educated and modern women want a man who can handle their temperament. Anyhow, women can’t change a Stubborn man but both have to bend equally in a healthy relationship. They know how to make “IT” work To be romantic takes time and knowledge, not only experience can bring the flavor of romance.

Every time you try to make them understand the point making them understand that he/she is older than you then in return you will hear “Age is just a number”.

By this pick up line they think they could date younger and hotter women/men.

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And on the other end if your elder Partner just want you because you are younger and don’t want to marry you then also you lose.

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