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While there are other gay bars in town, Frenzy is the only one owned and operated by a foreigner. Ryuji, a sloppy makeout turned friend, is standing with a really handsome guy. Tall and handsome, he has a chiseled face and is wearing a flip-brimmed blue NY hat.

And the drinks are so big that dancing with a free hand becomes impossible. I stop dancing and give him a playful kiss on the cheek. We shake hands, and I hold on just a little bit longer than I should.

I squeeze in next to her and she introduces me to our six new friends. We round up our new posse and wave sayonara to the bartender.

I give Amber a thankful poke and chat up the cute-looking guy to my left, but my eyes keep darting around the room hoping to find Hideo. “Keep your eye out for a blue NY hat at this next bar,” I whisper to Amber as we head out the door. It’s a short walk to the club, and much easier to find than Frenzy was.

As it opens, a techno remake of an Adele song comes blaring out and a white man in his 40s yells “welcome” in Japanese.

Almost anyone in range meets up at the bar on the weekend.As we walk through the door, curious eyes dart toward us, looking us up and down. The shelves are lined with green liquor bottles, clear liquor bottles, and rubber penises roughly the size of liquor bottles.Kyle immediately sees his friends, accepts our thanks, and disappears into the crowd. Through the haze of smoke, an electronic picture frame sits atop the neon bar, flashing shots of Lady Gaga from when she visited in 2009.I look down, smiling faintly as we head past them down the dark set of stairs.Explosion is a tiny, cave-like club painted in red from floor to ceiling.

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