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Dating my ludwig drums

He then opened a music school in Chicago, and soon turned to manufacturing instruments as well.The company started out importing ukuleles from Germany, but set up its own production because it could not meet demand. established an extensive dealer network throughout the U.Soon, they produced their own banjos and ukuleles and eventually, also guitars (including electric guitars from 1936 or earlier). S., the then-territory of Hawaii (in the early 1930s) and China. H.'s death from a stroke, the company was run by his wife, Nona, and one of their children, Henry Jr. The company's manufacturing plant was later moved from Chicago proper to the outer suburbs.Production of drums was started in 1927 in answer to the entry of the Ludwig & Ludwig drum company into the banjo market. The Songster electric guitar, featured in a 1939 company catalog, pre-dates Les Paul's "log" guitar and is probably the earliest Spanish-style solid-body electric guitar model.By the 1970s, the Slingerland line of marching equipment had become very popular in marching bands, colleges, and drum corps.During the late 1970s, Slingerland introduced its TDR marching snare drum, with a novel strainer and synthetic-gut snare that produced a distinctive sound.

In 1998, Slingerland released a model based on its Gene Krupa signature drum kit.

These drums were named the "Rolling Bomber" series, and are highly collectible.

The Rock and Roll era of the 1960s and 1970s was a good time for many American drum companies, including Slingerland.

Slingerland's main competitor, the Ludwig Drum Company, had the advantage of being endorsed by Ringo Starr, but Slingerland, too, produced high-quality drums in that era and had robust sales.

Beside long time endorser Buddy Rich, Slingerland in the 1970s garnered drummers Danny Seraphine with Chicago and Nigel Olsson still playing with Elton John.

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Between 19, Radio Kings were reintroduced and remain the premier product for the Slingerland Drum Company.

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