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Dolan's type are a diverse as he is, and there is no way that that Dolan has forgotten about his teenage crush.[quote]Jake Gyllenhaal would absolute do a Dolan film if he liked the script, I don't know why you would think otherwise when his career makes it clear he would.

He would never do a Dolan film because Xavier would definitely cast him in a gay film.

It's not that you "dare to have the gall" to ask for gossip.

As was said above, maybe no one has the gossip that you want (but we don't know what exactly you're expecting that makes you so upset).

Super TV 2 is also expected to get a good response from viewers.

I am beyond impressed with Alec Secăreanu and Josh O’Connor’s subtlety and inventiveness. You can call me super biased for it haha @SJofficial #Premios MTVMiaw #MTVLAKPOPSJ Do you ever think about how strong Henry is ? #Premios MTVMiaw #MTVLAKPOPSJ @SJofficial truthfully speaking that anytime I find an article about the best vocalist in Kpop but not mentioning Kyuhyun or KRY, I think the article is bullshit, maybe it's joke or meaningless!If people know something and see the thread, they'll post it.Calm down.[quote]So, we can add Troye Sivan to the casting couch thread then?

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it eventually ends with the question of asking so where would ryeowook choose to stay at once he is discharged😆… I really love him and I hope people will support him more #Premios MTVMiaw #MTVLAKPOPSJ @SJofficial Damn, Super Junior show in Macau bring $5,298,703 from ticket sales only, the one sold out show gathered 14,899 fans.

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