Dating man narod ru Free pussy no charge

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Dating man narod ru

Pochtovai 37/19 Kazakhstan Mobile phone# 844 birth date: July 22 1980, WT.60 kg.,hight 173 cm. single with out children and have never been married. I listed my profile through Elenas models, She contacted me first on December 28 2002. her full info: Anna Ivanova Vladimirova Karaganda Str. She said that perhaps you are internet player and she doesnt want to happen with me anything. I am very worry about my travel to you because my own sister dont believe you. Don't waste your money and precious time for this scammer, or worse yet risking contracting some venereal diseases. When I read horoscope, I find so much in common with my character. Steven Iam writing to confirm that this women is a scam artist,and forewarn anyone whom might be in correspondence with her.

I have a very simple rule NEVER SEND ANY MONEY PERIOD!!!

Her first attempt for money was January 22, She said it was customary in Russia to give a gift to a brother or cousin who helps you with a favor.

She said she wanted to give him a satellite mobile phone, The cost was 20 USD.

She would make a lot of money, This is when I called her bluff and told her not to write any more. Why would some one send such a special gift to someone they do not really know? My cousin is good man, kind and I love you very much! I have 670$ and You must send 450$ by Western Union(system of money transfers) (The next letter I shall write you about documents of my aunt for receipt your money because My international passport in Astana with Alexandr (waiting my visa) .

Why would someone pay western union USD and risk the 0 USD? I am waiting my visa (I must take my visa on the Friday) but Alexandr bought my ticket. I want to thank my cousin because Russian have tradition : if my own brother or cousin help me than We together must present him a gift and I must present gift to my fiancé(You are my lovely fiancé)( (without fail ! )) Please write me what do you want that I shall buy for you here? I must present our gift while I shall not fly to San Francisco. It is very good news for me that We will fly to Canberra together. I called to my brothers and They are preparing to meet us!

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She wrote back that it was a special mobile phone and that she did not need the money, it was only symbolic to show her relatives that I was not an internet player.