Dating in cape breton

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Dating in cape breton

The name was certainly in use to describe the entire region of Brittany by the fifth century AD, when migrants from Britain began to take over, but it is less clear when it began to be used as such an umbrella term.(It may also have been used for other coastal locations such as Aquitaine.) Armorica provided a home to quite a bundle of Celtic tribes, all of which were in place by the first century BC.Julius Caesar's own claim to have killed or enslaved all of the Veneti was clearly self-serving propaganda aimed at his Roman constituency.Families with access to boats would have gone to sea at night and sailed to Britain or Ireland to escape him, both of which were outside Roman control.Aremorio means 'ar' ('at', or 'before', or 'next to'), plus 'mor/mare', which means 'sea' or 'ocean'.In other words it means 'next to the sea', or perhaps more colloquially 'beside the seaside'.

According to Caesar, the Aulerci, Cariosvelites, Osismii, Redones, Sesuvii, Venelli, and Veneti, all of whom are located along the Atlantic coast, are subdued by the legion of Publius Licinius Crassus.These included the powerful Veneti tribe which dominated the other tribes, and also the Ambiliati, Boiocasses, Diablintes, Lexovii, Menapii, Morini, Namniti, Nannetes, Osismii, and Redones.Once defeated by Rome (after a season of extremely hard campaigning) elements of the defeated tribes under the leadership of the Veneti may have fed to Britain and Ireland where they formed two tribes of Venicones, one in what became Pictland and the other in County Donegal as the Venicnii, where both were attested by Ptolemy by AD 140.Once safe, the Veneti survivors form two tribes of Venicones, one in what becomes Pictland and the other in County Donegal (the Vennicones or Vennicnii), where both are attested by Ptolemy by AD 140.This split may be due to there being two factions of Veneti.

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The campaign by Caesar against the Veneti is protracted and takes place both on land and sea.

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