Dating guide german ebook

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Dating guide german ebook

Writing was originally regarded not as a means of disseminating information but as a way to fix religious formulations or to secure codes of law, genealogies, and other socially important matters, which had previously been committed to memory.

Publishing could begin only after the monopoly of letters, often held by a priestly caste, had been broken, probably in connection with the development of the value of writing in commerce.

Conquerors or usurpers wishing to destroy a people’s heritage have often burned its books, as did Shih Huang-ti in China in 213 , the Spaniards in Mexico in 1520, and the Nazis in the 1930s.

Shakespeare was an important exception; as a member of Lord Chamberlain’s Men and then the King’s Men, he wrote for…

The history of publishing is characterized by a close interplay of technical innovation and social change, each promoting the other.

Printing in Europe is inseparable from the Reformation.

It grew from the climate and needs of the first, and it fought in the battles of the second.

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Acting companies in London during the Renaissance were perennially in search of new plays.

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