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Dating coustumes

Throw that Valentine's Day party for coupled and single friends both by using these ideas of famous lovers...who knows, you just might kick start a new, legendary romance at your party.

In this exclusive pink tuxedo you can combine the suave look of a formal tux with a sweet color that celebrates this romantic holiday perfectly.For more effect, use body paint to draw on a nose and whiskers. A wig would really help pull it together but if you don’t have time, no worries!This popular game transforms into an easy costume idea.Playboy has now become infamous through its magazine, and perhaps more so through its "lifestyle" which had a certain resurgence with shows like You've got to keep all of your belongings secure, but you don't want to just carry around your normal handbag and ruin your theme... It's bright red, and in the shape of a classic Valentine's heart.You've thrown a big party, and now the person you most wanted to talk to is across the room. Well, if you're wearing our red top hat, just give your hat a subtle tip in your crush's general direction. Have you ever heard the phrase about seeing the world through rose colored glasses? But it's Valentine's, so who wouldn't want to see the world with a pretty pink tint, right?

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Some of them really happened, and others turned into myths, plays, and novels.

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