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Dating asian catholics australia

Indeed, all the core Chinese family values serve to ensure the family's stability and cohesion.

A fundamental Chinese value is the importance of the family unit.

There are relatively few single-parent and blended families in both contemporary overseas Chinese communities and Australian-Chinese communities.

However, a recent phenomenon in Australia is an increasing number of 'split' Chinese families from Hong Kong and Taiwan, coinciding with Australia's economic recession in the early 1990s (Wong 1993; Kee and Skeldon, in press).

Family prosperity brings 'face' or acclaim to family members, whereas its demise bestows shame.Recent settlers from China are now freed from the one-child policy in place in their homeland since 1979, and some have chosen to have more than one child, or more children until the arrival of a son.Traditionally, divorce and having children outside wedlock are frowned on.These are families where one or both parents, usually only the father, continues to work in Hong Kong or Taiwan, where thriving economies have generated attractive business opportunities and employment prospects.The absent parents are referred to as 'astronauts' who spend much time travelling between their family home in Australia and their business or employment overseas (Mak 1991; Tsang 1990).

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Arguably, Chinese culture may be specified as the culture of the family.

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