Dating advice for professional women tom welling and kristen kruek dating

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When you have hectic schedules and work long hours, often dealing with emergencies, finding someone can be a challenge.

Uniform helps uniformed singles meet people who understand the demands of their profession.

But she admits she could barely function for a full year after the split.If you and your husband have complicated combined assets, you may need additional pros.Kira Brown, 34, from Phoenix, AZ, owned a business with her ex-husband and wishes she'd also hired a financial planner for help negotiating her settlement.3. According to financial analyst Sandy Arons, a divorcee herself, 40% of divorce proceedings are about money.Ask your attorney when and how it's best to gather this info first, though. "Raw emotions will heal and legalities will be completed, but the financial impact of poor decisions, or default decisions due to lack of understanding, will last a lifetime," she warns.Step one: Thoroughly understand your current cost of living the divorce proceedings start. Even with carefully planning out your future expenses, something surprising may pop up.

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So get as much information as you can about your shared accounts to be well-informed before court.

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