Dating a flake

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In cold approach, your anonymity means that: Of all the things going on in her life, a guy who randomly approaches her is a very small blip on her radar screen.

She also has family, friends, co-workers, her dog, and just about every other thing going on in her life to worry about.

Next time you’re possibly going to meet a girl, give these a try: One of the key things to remember when it comes to cold approach is that you have very little information about her as well, so you don’t and can’t know what her reasons for flaking are or even whether they are valid.

Make sure that you set things up in such a way that if flakes happen it does not inconvenience you.

When you approach an Asian girl, you are outside of any social structure and, therefore, out of moral bounds which means that, in general, she has no obligation to treat you in a particular way.

One of the most common questions I get when I’m working with a client is just how to stop girls from flaking.

The reason that most guys can’t understand or solve their flaking problem is because most of them are so self-absorbed that they don’t look at the dating proposition from the woman’s perspective.

She tells her that she’s having dinner out that day, and while it’s possible that Mom is happy to cook for one less person, it’s also very possible that her Mom looks disappointed that her daughter isn’t coming straight home like she should since tomorrow is a work day.

By 7am, she’s out the door and on her way to work where she puts in her hours pushing paper she doesn’t care about and interacting politely with people she doesn’t much like.

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By contrast, in the West, we are usually required by social convention to treat one another, including complete strangers with some level of respect.

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  1. La conversation peut porter sur n'importe quel sujet en respectant deux règles : aucune coordonnée personnelle ne doit être échangée, et aucun participant ne doit dire à l'autre s'il souhaite le revoir.

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