Dating a breitling who is chico benymon dating

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Dating a breitling

Sometime in the 2000’s, Breitling began stamping watches with production dates.

The stamps are coded by week and year and are located on the case between the lugs at the bottom of the watch.

Also the 1955 Navitimer with V72 movement and with an 806 caseback that Kurt recently bought (note 2) I consider this to be a transitional model between the V72’s without Ref numbers and the V178 with the Ref 806 and this one has 124 : speculation warning !

I always assumed that Chronograph Suisse Aviation pieces (O&W ?

So you are wondering when your Breitling watch was manufactured?

You might be able to find the week your watch was made.

This model, epitomizing balance and understated elegance, is adorned with applied hour markers and a subtle cross-shaped dial arrangement reminiscent of the original Transocean – a grand classic launched in 1958.

Don’t be alarmed if this date is inconsistent with the case.

The full reference number contains an additional series of numbers (and sometimes letters) to identify the type of bracelet.

For instance, suffix to indicate that some improvement has been made over the previous model.

Breitling uses reference numbers to uniquely identify its models.

Every model inside a production series gets the same reference number, meaning that its design, material, and movement type are exactly the same (aside from the dial color, sometime the hands, and of course the band).

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Otherwise, the movement base is sourced from an external supplier, and often modified to improve the chronometric performances or appearance, or add a complication.