Craigslist yakima dating

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Craigslist yakima dating

Now don’t get me wrong – not work truck is a money-burning rolling clown circus with a 24/7 fireworks show shooting out of its roof telling the world how dumb you are. So if you’re fortunate enough to already be in that top 1% who knows how to buy and operate a real work truck, you can just laugh along with me and then share the lesson with our other Brothers* when you get out of class. ” I know how you feel – trucks are fun, and everybody has ’em. To figure it out, let’s review the basics of what a truck is really supposed to accomplish.You could get more complicated and start talking about horses and cupholders, but if you break it all the way down, those two points above are why we buy trucks.To my Brothers of the construction trades, the oil industry, the armed forces, and even plain old civilian office jobs.I was hoping it wouldn’t come to this, because I think we should all be free to make our own choices.The Money A truck makes money by carrying as much shit as possible, safely, to your destination. But the truck also costs you money, which is taking back a portion of that paycheck.The amount you get to keep for yourself is your profit.

Maybe some flashy accessories and huge off-road tires, because hey, why you want to give your truck superpowers? Because a truck that makes you a lot of money, and a truck that handles and accelerates (or climbs 45 degree boulder fields) and has the comfort of a car, are two completely opposite things.

In fact, they are so far apart, that the more flashy and comfortable your truck becomes, the more obvious it becomes that you are not using it to make money.

In other words, you are telling the world you’re a big fake.

At that moment, the truck is earning the money you paid for it.

Unfortunately for most gentlemen, this moment is Never.

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