Colorado dating site

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Colorado dating site

Inspired by a lack of dating scene in Crested Butte (duh), Luv Byrd founder Mike Keshian came up with the idea for such a site after a failed relationship with a lady who preferred the wilderness of the shopping mall to the rugged Rockies.I needed someone I could go on adventures and experience new places with, he said about Luv Byrd.But, there are still some who want their dating experience to be purely local. Back in 1991, Donna Shugrue “realized there was a need and a desire for a hands-on, highly personal matchmaker service for well intentioned single men and women in Colorado Springs, Denver and other cities in Colorado.” That’s how she describes the beginning of her journey to create It was started by a Denver-area man who wanted to launch a dating site for outdoor enthusiasts like himself.So, if you like to hike, climb, kayak, or ski, and you want to meet another local person who does too, then go sign up!Users create profiles that state their age, location and outdoor activity preference for both winter and summer.Members can then search for other members based on the types of activity interests they share.In fact, of all the Colorado Springs dating sites for ‘attached’ people to find each other.

As more and more people find themselves single in their later years, the pool of eligible partners just gets bigger. Including a bunch of beautiful, single, gay and lesbian people who are looking for their next date. With Colorado Springs being such a beautiful and successful city, it has of course attracted a ton of wealthy people.

Have you ever been dating someone and thought, This person is cool, but I could have sex with them with my eyes open if only they shared the same undying love for snowshoeing? Forgoing traditional measures of compatibility like marital interest and salary requirements, it matches single nature enthusiasts based on nothing more than a shared love of outdoor activities.

Coloradans are the most outdoorsy people since imperious Homo erecti, and many of you need a partner that shares your undying love of outdoor sports for you to feel even the slightest pang of amour. Luv Byrd is, by far, the most Colorado-themed dating site in the world.

All you need to do is find the person you want to ask out! Online dating has come a long way since its inception in the late 90s.

Now, there are hundreds of dating sites out there catering to tons of different types of people.

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