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Beatty said, “We are putting the world on notice that Detroit is going to try to take every world record in the book, and we will keep persevering until we succeed.”Inside, surrounded by friends and sporting a Christmas dog sweater overlaid with tiny bows, Detroiter Tierra Jones said, “I am here because I love to do anything that is happening in my city.” She credited a friend’s mother with helping her pick out the sweater.

Nearby, two volunteers organized revelers before the final countdown.

On a November 2013 broadcast, the hosts noted that Spike had completed his 1,000th Phone Scam on the program.

This segment airs each Tuesday and is similar to the Phone Scams and was initially created in 2009 in response to news that the U. Census Bureau was having difficulty with the official 2010 United States Census.

A spokesperson said about 1,500 were in the Winter Lodge when the deadline for closing out official numbers was reached.

She pretends to be a florist offering a dozen free roses to be sent to the person of his or her choosing, with the possibility for the potentially unfaithful partner to send the flowers to the wrong person.

In 2012 the show was threatened with legal action by former staff member Rob Graham, who claimed that the show violated HIPAA laws by discussing his personal medical history on air and that he had been encouraged to post copyrighted information on the show's official website.

The Office of Public Affairs (OPA) is the single point of contact for all inquiries about the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

If the parent does not hang up before the questions are answered, the caller wins a prize.

Two listeners battle each morning in a quiz of recent pop culture headlines.

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In the segment Spike calls an unsuspecting person and poses as an official taking a national poll.

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