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By doing so, you will naturally create a curiosity peaking email subject line. Now, you may not like weird email subject lines and neither do you have to. You can also just use weird sayings or just say something random, but using the keywords that fit your market.Plus, you will end up writing an email with interesting content since you’re relating “boring” information with an influencer that means something to you. They don’t sound like something a person would put in an email subject line. For the most part, people will be using very standard email subject lines. Again, it doesn’t have to make complete sense like a regular, benefit-driven email subject line will. You zig with one understandable idea, but you zag by positioning it in an unusual way.It’s more about connecting to people on an ideological level as it is about selling.The Death Of [Topic] EX: The death of email marketing The War Against [Topic] EX: The war against meat eaters The Great [Topic] Hoax Of [Year] EX: The great fat loss hoax of 2017 The Truth About [Topic] EX: The truth about the banking industry My Problem With [Topic] EX: My problem with email popups My Big [Topic] Mistake EX: My big copywriting mistake Why I Hate [Topic] EX: Why I hate social media The Case Against [Topic] EX: The case against the gig economy The [Topic] Conspiracy EX: The vegan conspiracy The End Of [Topic] EX: The end of America [Topic] Armageddon EX: Marketing armageddon In Defense Of [Controversial Topic] EX: In defense of crooked politicians Categories To Fill In: [Topic] [Year] [Controversial Topic] It’s no surprise that seeing the name of an authority will get the attention of anyone who respects them.

You’re there to put down the naysayers or to reveal the truth. To strength relationships with those that agree, repelling everyone who don’t, and persuade those are on the fence to join your side.Every market has authorities, experts, or influencers within them. They will have some kind of audience, a huge amount of trust, and following that really loves them.They can big like Steve Jobs is to entrepreneurship or small(er) like Gary Vaynerchuk is to social media. You can use famous influencers from history like Sun Tzu, Confucius, Nostradamus, Alexander The Great, Julius Ceaser, Benjamin Franklin…etc You can use famous movie heroes like Iron Man, Batman, Harry Potter, and more.So if you get a chuckle after thinking up of one, then you’re probably headed in the right direction. They are up there with benefit-driven emails in terms of how often people see them. This is especially true if that number is an odd number. If you look at the data behind the most viewed types of blog posts, listicables, which is the same thing as a list email subject line, are some of the most viewed piece of content there is.Check out these templates and examples to see exactly what I mean. So they make for a great email, whether it’s for marketing or sales.

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