Calliat dating let men be in control or in charge when dating

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Calliat dating

Mancuniensis (1654) printed as Hollingworth, R., Mancuniensis, or an history of the Towne of Manchester .... ‘Ancient inscriptions on stones found in Scotland.’ (Sought in vain by R.

Inscriptiones, tituli aliaque Romanae antiquitatis monumenta ex variis nationis Briganticae partibus conquisita et in schola publica Aballabensi exposita ad autographorum fidem diligenter exscripta 1722 per J.

A new epigraphic document relating to the Spanish origin of a military toponym in Britannia’, in 1 (Victoria County History) (1907) 1907 279-320.

1892 ‘Excavations on the site of the Roman city at Silchester, Hants. With a note on the animal remains found during the excavations’ (London and Middlesex Archaeological Society Surrey Archaeological Society Joint Publication, 1) ([1979]) [1979] 473–497.

Britannia Romana —a collection of original drawings belonging to the Society.

Stowe 1023 (contains material probably derived from Lhuyd.

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