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), as was the delightful Porsche 911S while the V12 S3 E-type Jag was an incredible £1800 cheaper, leaving enough to buy a lovely two year old XJ6 for the daily duties!

The Montreal’s development took place in diffi cult times, and a series of union crises blighted the birth of the Montreal, extending its gestation time too long.

All the sudden, a practical but serious supercar was gaining shape.

The max imum power produced by the engine was 200bhp @ 6500 rpm – 35bhp less than the racing tune while torque was posted at 173lbft with the spinning at just under a heady 5000rpm.

With a strong 200bhp from new, perhaps just careful tweaking and fi ne tuning on a rolling road plus a sports aluminium exhaust will suffi ce for many.

But it was the fuel crisis of the early 70s killed the car off, where sales fell dramatically (it‘s best year was 1972 when more than 2000 were shifted).

After minimal further development and refi ning it was offi cially dropped by Alfa in 1977 although the remaining unsold cars were built some two years earlier. Distinctive as it was, and still is, the Montreal was an odd ball.

0-60mph in 7.5 secs and 134mph was respectable sure, but not supercar stuff.

But of course it sounds fast and fabulous although fuel economy was and is dire, being no better than say a Jensen Interceptor at around 13-14mpg, despite advanced electronic ignition and fuel injection being fi tted.

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Fewer than 4000 Montreals were built and only 225 were right-hand drive – although some exper ts doubt that fi gure and reckon on between 120-170, the fi rst arriving in the summer of ’72 with a fat five grand price tag to match.