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As we go along, we’ll be making any necessary changes to the project as we left it last week; you can download that here.AAPL says: [Applications must respond] appropriately to the state transitions that occur while running under multitasking.For more information about the states and transitions, see “Understanding an Application’s States and Transitions.” That “respond appropriately” language covers a lot of ground; in fact, it’s really too vague to drive concrete action.

This blog post will attempt to explain how to automatically detect your user’s time zone using Java Script.

Applications need to observe these transitions in order to save state and tailor their behavior for foreground or background execution.

Not handling these transitions properly could lead to data loss or improper behavior.

For more information about the types of work you can perform, and how to request permission to do that work, see “Executing Code in the Background.” Demine doesn’t benefit from background processing, so we can just skip this part.

With that, we come to the end of the first checklist.


The first is deceptively brief, because one of its items amounts to “follow this entire second checklist”.

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