Areas and iterations not updating companies validating a businesspersons credentials us

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Areas and iterations not updating

We use it internally and all of our partners have been thought to use it as well.

Ognjen Bajic, Visual Studio ALM MVP, Ekobit Note: The single Team Project called “SSW.

If you have multiple projects for the same clients on multiple templates and you want to keep it that way, then this approach will not work for you.Figure: Adding the same Area value to Iteration as the top level item adds flexibility to Iteration.Queries are used to filter your work items based on a specified level of granularity.A good naming convention would also work Adam Cogan – Adam suggested I get our disagreement out in the open, improve the proposed solution description with some visual cues and move the Pros and Cons to the top.Last but not least, to plug out custom TFS template 🙂 Ewald Hofman gave me a couple of Cons, and maybe a few more soon.

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