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Longwood University's Day After Graduation podcast, launched in February 2017, gets real with advice for navigating life after commencement.

Helping online students feel connected to your institution is a major challenge for engagement professionals.Celebrating the Past, Present and Future of Alumni Relations In 2013, CASE marks the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Association of Alumni Secretaries with programs, articles and events celebrating the past, present and future of alumni relations.Alumni Association Affinity Programs To help alumni associations respond to questions about affinity credit card programs and potential legislation and regulation, CASE has developed the following FAQ.But if you know your alumni, you can predict when a big change for the institution is going to be a problem for some graduates.Before you start bracing yourself for hate mail, take a deep breath.

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CEO Transition Checklist The CASE CEO Transition Checklist is designed to help in managing the transition period between outgoing and incoming CEOs/institutional leaders.

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  2. The session features Esther Del Toro Oliver from Wage and Hour Division, U. Department of Labor; Colleen Owens from the Justice Policy Center, Urban Institute and John Jay College of Criminal Justice; and Meredith Rapkin from Friends of Farmworkers.