100 dating sites in mumbai

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100  dating sites in mumbai

Messages from people who are emailed to or replied to a lot, and messages of the type that are always opened or were recently marked as important or starred, are likely to be marked as important automatically.

Also, messages that are sent to a user directly and not through a mailing list, and messages containing certain keywords (password change, transaction details, shipment delivery, ticket confirmation, etc.) are marked as important.

Archiving presents a better alternative to deleting as it helps to tidy up the inbox without deleting messages permanently.

Archiving, however, is limited to message threads and individual messages cannot be archived.

A conversation will break off into a new thread if the subject line of a message is changed, or if the conversation reaches over 100 messages.

Gmail allows users to conduct advanced searches using either the Advanced Search interface or through search operators in the search box.In Gmail, the 'All Mail' section displays all of a user's emails, excluding the ones in Spam and Bin.Technically, when a message is archived, the 'Inbox' label is removed from it.When a user starts typing in the To, CC or BCC fields it brings up a list with the relevant contacts, with their name and primary e-mail address.More information, including alternate email addresses, can be added on the Contacts page.

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Gmail allows users to create rules (‘filters’) for the automatic organization of incoming mail.

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